I am currently attending Kansas State's Masters in Industrial and Organizational Psychology program. I will graduate in th fall of 2018. I am a firm believer that every organization has a story to tell, and that story should run through the veins of each and every employee. When organizations have the ability to work as a team towards a common goal, the organization thrives as do their employees. 

With my work in external community engagement, I hope to marry these two skill sets in order to help small to medium size organizations develop a culture that allows for their story to flow thru all employees as well as create an external focused marketing and engagement methods that allows this story to be shared authentically with the community. 

I will be sharing specific I-O Psychology thoughts here. If you are interested in learning more about I-O Psychology and how the methods and practices can help your company thrive, please feel free to reach out at morgan.tashea@gmail.com.