Word of 2019: STAND!

I was recently re-worked through a vision exercise that was shared with me awhile back during a Lightyear Leadership class with the amazing Jacki Carr. The vision has you walk into your future life and take some time to watch and admire your future self, note where you are, what you are doing, and what your life looks like. The one thing that really stood out to me about my future self in this meditation was that she was so damn tall. It’s funny, because I’m not tall, I’m also 30 and probably not going to grow much at this point. I’m also not a big heals person, so that doesn’t help. But, once I broke it down I realized that my future self radiated confidence, joy, and dedication and that is what made her look so tall and bold.


This image of my future self has stuck with me for a while and has led me to my word of 2019, STAND! My personal definition of STAND has layers to it, but at the roots it means to STAND on my own two feet to enable change and create joy.

I am going to STAND tall and proud in the choices I make.

I am going STAND by what I believe in.

I am going to STAND by the ones I love.

I am going to STAND in front of the room.

I am going to STAND on top of mountains, both physically and figuratively.

I am going to STAND up and move.

I am going to appreciate the moments I am STANDING alone.

I am going to STAND and share my voice.

I personally focus on one word for each year as it allows me to stay aligned to my vision as a see my goals and plans ebb and flow throughout the craziness of life! Don’t get me wrong, I love setting goals and achieving them, but I’m also fully aware that for myself life happens so quickly that sometimes those goals need to shift as new paths appear. My one word keeps me grounded, on track, and prepared for whatever life throws my way.

Do you have one word you would like to embody throughout 2019?

With Love,