Letting the Dust Settle

To be honest, I haven’t felt very creative or motivated lately. I feel this transition brewing, but I am not feeling ready to dive in. So, what is it really that’s holding me back from diving in to the next big thing?


I’m a big goal setter. I’m an intention setter. I hold myself accountable and I fully dive into new experiences with intention, passion, and balance. Although, that feeling has dwindled a bit over the past few months, which has thrown me off. Instead of fighting this feeling I decided to lean into it. I realized I needed to give myself a permission slip to actually slow down. Over the past few months I did just that, I took that permission slip, slowed down, and let go of the pressure I put on myself. Instead I listened to what my soul was craving. 

This past year was a bit of a dust storm. I️t was full of change, personal growth, and constant movement. I realized for the first time ever in my life I needed to actually processing life for myself and by myself.  So, this slow down wasn’t so bad. I wanted and needed the time for those lessons, my development and my challenges to sink into my bones. I needed all of those things from the past to settle into my soul. It’s all a part of who I am, but if I didn’t allow those lessons, those challenges, the wins and losses to settle, they wouldn’t help me move forward from a grounded place. Instead they would be floating around pushing me in some direction with little intention.


I let the dust settle. I slowed down. I let myself feel less creative. I let myself settle into my bones. And now, the outcome? I learned that life isn't always about the next big thing. Sometimes it is about appreciating yourself for all of who you are. The next big thing is fun and exciting but over the past few months I have realized I can't move into the next storm without allowing myself a bit of calm. I am now feeling like I can move forward from a rooted and intentional place. I now know there is safety in stillness. Most of all, I have built a deeper appreciation for myself.

And truth is, I’m still going to have moments that I lack creativity and motivation. But, in those moments I’m going to once again give myself that permission slip to settle into my stillness and let the dust settle just a bit so I can have a brighter vision of the future. 

Have you allowed your dust to settle lately? 

With Love,