Sharing is Caring


I have recently been feeling this draw to share my story in a deeper more meaningful way, or I guess share my story outside of just Instagram posts. So, I am putting intention behind the feeling and making the goal to write and share my experiences. 

I have now been living in my little home on wheels for 4 months and man has it been filled with adventures, moments of pure joy, and moments of 'what the hell was I thinking'. I have started to dive into so many personal lessons that are guiding me in such a huge direction of growth. Sharing these challenges and lessons is something I do with my closest friends but I find myself holding back on using my voice often and even though it is WAY outside of my comfort zone, I'm setting the goal to dive in deeper and using my writing voice to share this story. I have a few goals with this which include: inspiring others to dream big and take big leaps towards their big audacious goals, give myself some self love by being proud of this life I live, using my voice in a new way, and creating a space for vulnerable and real stories to be shared. No more excuses, I won't tell myself I'm too busy or that I am not up to anything special. I am proud of the life I live, what I have done to get here, the challenges I face, and the ridiculous experiences I live. 

Here we go, I'm diving into a goal that makes me a bit uncomfortable. I will be sharing my stories from the road, my challenges, my experiences, the ups, the downs, all of it. I plan to be vulnerable, real and honest. My goal is to get one post up every other week. Although, my life is never on a real schedule so it will be a lesson on how to balance my time and make writing a priority! 

Thank you in advance for following along. Even if just my mom and brother that read this (hi Jason and mom!!) that is okay by me. I'm stoked to use my voice and share my story. 

With Love,