Life is an Adventure!

A lesson that keeps presenting itself in my life is that no matter what we have planned sometimes life has a different path for us that we had no clue about. If you know me, I am a full on planner. It is my life, I plan events for a living, I plan adventures, and I am the one planning the meals for backpacking trips with extreme detail. Although, sometimes no matter how much you put into it, some shit is going to happen that you couldn't even imagine and everything will flip upside down. 

Over the past few months my life has led me on a new path, one that I had not planning for. There has been ups and downs, and I couldn't have planned for any of it. At the beginning of 2017 I set a goal for myself, to ask deeper questions, to really dive into my friendships and the way that I am living my life every day. I have asked myself some hard questions and I'm still not sure of the answers, but those questions have created new opportunities and adventures. 

So, I have taken on a new job, my DREAM job! I have gone through a breakup. I have sold almost all of my possessions. I have created new deep and meaningful friendships. I built out a van with Overland Van Project. And, in just two days I fully move into my home on wheels. Just me and my dog, living the dream. The dream I didn't know could be a reality, but everything over the past few months has pushed me in the direction and if I didn't listen I would be making a huge mistake. I know this new life will fill my days with adventure, self doubt, love, loneliness, new memories, and tears of past memories. It won't always be easy, I'm fully aware of that, but I have no doubt in my mind that this adventure will keep leading me down that dirty and muddy path that I am creating for myself. 

I hope you follow along on the journey! It might not always be pretty and glamorous, but it will be real. 

With love,