Word of 2019: STAND!

I was recently re-worked through a vision exercise that was shared with me awhile back during a Lightyear Leadership class with the amazing Jacki Carr. The vision has you walk into your future life and take some time to watch and admire your future self, note where you are, what you are doing, and what your life looks like. The one thing that really stood out to me about my future self in this meditation was that she was so damn tall. It’s funny, because I’m not tall, I’m also 30 and probably not going to grow much at this point. I’m also not a big heals person, so that doesn’t help. But, once I broke it down I realized that my future self radiated confidence, joy, and dedication and that is what made her look so tall and bold.


This image of my future self has stuck with me for a while and has led me to my word of 2019, STAND! My personal definition of STAND has layers to it, but at the roots it means to STAND on my own two feet to enable change and create joy.

I am going to STAND tall and proud in the choices I make.

I am going STAND by what I believe in.

I am going to STAND by the ones I love.

I am going to STAND in front of the room.

I am going to STAND on top of mountains, both physically and figuratively.

I am going to STAND up and move.

I am going to appreciate the moments I am STANDING alone.

I am going to STAND and share my voice.

I personally focus on one word for each year as it allows me to stay aligned to my vision as a see my goals and plans ebb and flow throughout the craziness of life! Don’t get me wrong, I love setting goals and achieving them, but I’m also fully aware that for myself life happens so quickly that sometimes those goals need to shift as new paths appear. My one word keeps me grounded, on track, and prepared for whatever life throws my way.

Do you have one word you would like to embody throughout 2019?

With Love,

2018: The Year of the Compass

On an early Thursday morning, I found myself standing in the middle of the playa in a huge dust storm that seemed like it wouldn’t end, smiling so hard that tears were slowly rolling down my cheeks. My partner by my side and my heart was on fire! We couldn’t see a thing, didn’t fully know where we were, and had no place we needed to be. We chose a direction and rode our bikes into the storm with little visibility, no expectations, floating and following our hearts. Our hearts were our compass through the extreme dust storm and it led us on an amazing adventure I will never forget.

Every year I chose one word. I chose a word to live by for the year, something to keep me grounded and focused. For 2018 my word was compass. A definition of compass: an instrument that uses a magnetic force to help you find true north. My idea behind choosing the word compass for my year was that I wanted to use my heart as my instrument to guide me to my true north.


 As I entered 2018, I had this feeling of excitement for what was to come, but I didn’t want to put pressure on my plans. I had a lot on my mind of where I wanted to go but was having a hard time creating a clear, perfectly planned, path. So, instead of overwhelming myself with plans, like I usually do, I decided to let my heart be my compass.

The year of the compass was filled with memories that will continue to fuel me forever. My heart led me to watching Rhodie chase waves while sipping tequila with Ira on own private beach in Baja, to a solo van night in a Little America parking lot on Valentine’s day sitting out a snow storm with cold mac and cheese and a bottle of wine; it taught me that 16 strangers can become a tightknit family while singing our way down the Colorado River at the base of the Grand Canyon, and it led me to a ridiculous ladies night in Amsterdam to see the amazing Tash Sultana. My internal compass led me to finishing my Masters and starting my own business, it held me through the grief of losing the best adventure dog a girl could ask for, and it reminded me to be kind to myself.

DSC06726 copy.jpg

 My 2018 was full of adventures, and I accomplished more goals than I imagined was possible. Although, I had one specific goal I have not followed through on. It was my goal to be better at sharing my stories from my adventures. So, over the next few weeks I will finally share a few of my favorite adventure reports from 2018!

 This past year I have felt some of the highest highs and lowest lows. I have learned how to make a loose plan and not be attached to a detailed timeline, I learned to say no when the answer isn’t HELL YES, I learned how to listen to those around me and appreciate their guidance. I allowed my heart to be my compass, and while it felt vulnerable, it felt so free!


That moment on the playa wasn’t the first time I had experienced tears of joy streaming down my cheeks, I am happy to say that I felt that raw joy countless times in 2018. Those moments of pure joy helped me through my moments of despair that would have usually made me crumble.  Cheers to a 2018 filled with many ups and downs and being led by my internal compass, I look forward to sharing my stories! Follow along here on the blog or watch for updates on Instagram!

With Love,


Biz Launch!

Have you worked in an organization that you felt undervalued? Have you tried to grow within an organization and didn't feel supported in the process? Have you felt disconnected from the vision and mission of the organization? Do you feel like your organizations outward facing appearance doesn't align with the internal company culture? YUP! Me too! These are constant complaints within work environments and my goal is to flip this script. 


Over the past two and a half years I have been working on my Master's in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, while balancing van life and working full time. My goal with diving into this program was to come out on the other side with a toolbox of knowledge that would allow me to influence the way organizations and individuals approach their work environment and their everyday life. This has been over three years in the making and I could not be more excited for my dream business to come to fruition!

I look forward to working with clients on company culture development, leadership development, and career coaching. By using my knowledge in Industrial and Organizational Psychology along with my experience in brand and community development I will create custom plans for every client specific to their needs, dreams, and goals. 

I would absolutely love to work with you!

Organizations, let's walk through a needs analysis and create programs that works for you. We know that no organization is created equal, so I will work with you to design policies, cultures, and procedures that align with who you are at your core.

Individuals & entrepreneurs, let's create some clarity, acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses, and create a plan that will drive you forward in the creation of your best life! You deserve equality, growth, and success, let's create the path to get there! 


Check out the new webpage for all the details on how to connect and collaborate! I am excited to face challenges, overcome hurdles, and fuel organizations and individuals!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the past three years, you know who you are. I would not be where I am today, launching this dream business without you all! You supported me, encouraged me, lifted me up, and allowed me to create my own crazy path. I love you all dearly! 



Letting the Dust Settle

To be honest, I haven’t felt very creative or motivated lately. I feel this transition brewing, but I am not feeling ready to dive in. So, what is it really that’s holding me back from diving in to the next big thing?


I’m a big goal setter. I’m an intention setter. I hold myself accountable and I fully dive into new experiences with intention, passion, and balance. Although, that feeling has dwindled a bit over the past few months, which has thrown me off. Instead of fighting this feeling I decided to lean into it. I realized I needed to give myself a permission slip to actually slow down. Over the past few months I did just that, I took that permission slip, slowed down, and let go of the pressure I put on myself. Instead I listened to what my soul was craving. 

This past year was a bit of a dust storm. I️t was full of change, personal growth, and constant movement. I realized for the first time ever in my life I needed to actually processing life for myself and by myself.  So, this slow down wasn’t so bad. I wanted and needed the time for those lessons, my development and my challenges to sink into my bones. I needed all of those things from the past to settle into my soul. It’s all a part of who I am, but if I didn’t allow those lessons, those challenges, the wins and losses to settle, they wouldn’t help me move forward from a grounded place. Instead they would be floating around pushing me in some direction with little intention.


I let the dust settle. I slowed down. I let myself feel less creative. I let myself settle into my bones. And now, the outcome? I learned that life isn't always about the next big thing. Sometimes it is about appreciating yourself for all of who you are. The next big thing is fun and exciting but over the past few months I have realized I can't move into the next storm without allowing myself a bit of calm. I am now feeling like I can move forward from a rooted and intentional place. I now know there is safety in stillness. Most of all, I have built a deeper appreciation for myself.

And truth is, I’m still going to have moments that I lack creativity and motivation. But, in those moments I’m going to once again give myself that permission slip to settle into my stillness and let the dust settle just a bit so I can have a brighter vision of the future. 

Have you allowed your dust to settle lately? 

With Love,